Who Am I?

I’m Dr. Stefany, aka The Hustle Mama. I am the Creator and CEO of Hustle Mama Magazine. It is more than just a Magazine. It is a Mindset, a Movement, and moving towards 1 Million Mogul Women Strong! I pride myself as one leveraging content to help women, families and communities survive and thrive in any and every economy. Our Magazine translates into more than 40+ languages, was pioneering as an early adopter of the hyper-technology experience, and uses the premise of collaborating communities to support its distribution through the Magzter platform with 70+million monthly subscribers worldwide.

I’ve proudly provided my expertise in Higher Education, the Non-Profit Sector, and Private Industry for more than 30 years. I have a BA in Organizational Management, an MBA in Management, and a PhD in Church Administration and Community Economic Development.

I've worked in Academia for one of the top Ivy's and as an executive for one of the largest Affordable Housing Developers in the country - in both Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Development. I've had oversight and managed the design of self-sufficiency curricula and maintaining government compliance for Supportive Services and Self-Sufficiency Programs across family and senior sites in more than 10,000 units in 8 states across the country. I've managed asset portfolios, programs, and budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why Do I Do This?

I believe that life is FOR purpose and every woman has the birthright of greatness. After surviving a non-drug induced coma & NDE (near death experience), my views on LIVING completely changed. As an Author, Business Owner, Educator, Licensed & Ordained Minister, a Certified Professional Coach, and having a few Board of Directors seats under my belt, I've put into practice that Life is all about the Love Relationship. I am the mother of 3, I do mission work in West Africa, and my life's dream is to help women entrepreneurs from all over the world discover, live, and thrive their divine purpose!

Helping Mankind on Purpose

I've built my entire platform and all of my offers under my Content with a Conscience Initiative; where I am blessed with the opportunity to support, offer, and make available educational programs, scholarships, and micro-loans to women all over the world!

What My Clients Say

"It was only after I enrolled in Dr. Stefany’s Mini Master class did I truly understood the magnitude of her impact and passion for helping women.  Over those 10 weeks,  she coached, shared her knowledge, gave us spiritual guidance and wisdom, served as a role model, shared her life lessons and most importantly, helped us to forgive ourselves so we could let go of the past and move forward. You pushed me out of my comfort zone, which allowed me to stretch, work tirelessly, and shed tears of relief and joy, but it was all worth it.  Dr Stefany the most important lesson you imparted and modeled for me was the spiritual intelligence of the HEART – LOVE."

Lutricia Jackson, CEO & Government Trainer, Washington, DC

"The Hustle Mama has created a forum that is beyond superb. This class was a wealth of information for my growth. I took the class because I felt it was time to make some changes in my life. I was hoping to get some information about how to help my business and finances grow. I expected excellence because that is who Dr. Stefany is; what I didn't expect was healing and an entire experience. My life will be changed forever, and I now have the tools to make sure that my children will never lack. I am grateful for her teachings and the God in her. If I could offer any advice for the next person taking this class, it would be to come ready to receive. If you do the work, you will walk away prepared to win; and if you don't know God, you will meet him."

Crystal Osbourne, CEO | Beyond Closed Doors Designs, Syracuse, NY

First I would like to thank Dr. Stefany, the REAL HUSTLE MAMA for offering this class and sharing her knowledge with us unselfishly and with love. I have learned a lot about the digital technology world and all it has to offer. Most of which I knew nothing about, so I am still learning.  This class has made me more aware of the powerful connection between spirituality and business and how that impacts us in our everyday lives as well, how intertwined the two are and that we must heal from within before we can serve others through our businesses. Dr. Stefany has ministered to us as well as taught us on a personal level throughout this course.  We have formed new bonds and lifelong friendships over these past weeks and I am forever grateful and humbled having had this experience. This class is about so much more than growing a business, it’s about building relationships, stepping outside your comfort zone and seeing yourself and your business through a different lens. I highly recommend this class regardless of what stage you are in your business, just starting out, been in business a while and ready to go to the next level, or well established and wanting to recharge or rebrand your business. You won’t regret it!! Have faith and sign up for this class!!"

Linda Carter, CEO | Blue Butterfly Travel, Atlanta, GA

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