10 Ways to Change Everything in Your Life
(It Takes 1 Hour and You Can Start Today)

(1) Decide that you are ready, willing, and want to change. | (2) Define your vision by writing everything you see and want for your life. | (3) Modify the vision into a goals list starting with the easiest thing to accomplish first. | (4) Create a calendar timeline for the items on the list and modify them as tasks. | (5) Create a daily schedule of your normal routine and make space for time to task what's on your goals list. | (6) Schedule time for daily meditation & prayer. (I usually start my days with meditation and thanksgiving and end the evening with the same). | (7) Make a list of all the things you need to forgive and people you need to forgive. | (8) Create a new budget and follow the model above. (Write your the financial vision and desire you have for your life, modify into a list, create a calendar timeline for the items on the list and modify them to tasks, and integrate into your routine). | (9) Create a wellness plan and follow the model.(Vision, List, Chart, Schedule). | (10) Do mirror work and something nice for yourself, a family member, friend, or stranger every day. (Mirror work is looking in the mirror and making affirmations and/or declarations about the love you have for yourself, your life, your circle, community, etc..)


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